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Trio Monti In Se Pò Cambià La Sorte

August 16 | 21:30 - 23:30

Associazione Shara – Balcony In Music in arrival:
Trio Monti in Se pò cambià la sorte Musica romana come nun l'avete mai sentita:
Voice: Giampiero Mannoni
Guitar: Valerio Mileto
Mandolino: Valdimiro Buzi

The Association Shara (Neptune) has organized and presents the last event of the 5th Edition 2018 of the Festival "Balcony in Music and Entertainment for Thursday 16 August from 22.00.
The Associazione Culturale Shara Eventi d'Arte, president of the musician Maria Augusta Pannunzi, has been organizing events with educational and social objectives for many years. Presenter of the last evening in the name of traditional Roman music and trasteverine, David Pironaci, Vocal Coach, Talent Scout, Presenter, Radio Speaker.

Live the Trio Monti in Se pò will change its fate - Roman music as you have never heard, within the magical setting of the ancient medieval village of Nettuno (Rm). Sponsored by the Municipality of Nettuno and by the Pro Loco Nettuno. Patronage and support from the Lazio Region.

Thursday, August 16 at 22:00 - Borgo Medievale Nettuno Trio Monti – Se po’ cambià la sorte, musica romana
Giampiero Mannoni on vocals, Valerio Mileto on guitar and Valdimiro Buzi on mandolin. The Trio Monti was born in the Monte Mario district (Rome) from the common love of three boys for the Roman song. Their name originates from the fact that the elements that compose it come from the mountains of Rome. Giampiero Mannoni at the voice, comes from Monte Mario, has theatrical experiences alongside actors such as Leo Gullotta, Micaela Esdra. Passionate about jazz, swing and study pop singing with Loretta Martinez. Valerio Mileto, on guitar and choirs, comes from Monte Sacro. He studies at Cdm and matures musical experiences of all kinds. It has its roots in popular music from all over Europe to Greek music. He has played alongside Vinicio Capossela, Daniele Sepe and other international artists. Emanuele De Simone, at the mandolin comes from Monte Verde. Musician, he also experiments in Balkan music and has a huge passion for Irish music.

The goal
The goal of the Trio Monti is to get the Roman song, in all its meanings, to the great audience. In 3 years the Trio Monti boasts more than 480 replicas from the locals, the squares, to the most important Roman theaters. They perform at the Teatro Olimpico in 2016 in the show "Peace", alongside Antonio Giuliani, aired on Sky, on Comedy Central until 2019. With him will begin a long and fruitful collaboration made of unpublished writings on purpose by the Trio Monti for shows of the Roman actor and performed by the Trio for the occasions. Trio Monti composes his own songs and in 2017 he released his first album "Se po 'change' the fate", which will immediately follow a show staged at the Parioli theater. The show will be replicated at the Cometa Off Theater in Testaccio and in May 2018 at the Puff di Lando Fiorini, receiving great esteem and appreciation from the great Roman singer's fans. On August 16th the Trio Monti, after three years, returns to the beautiful setting of the Balcony in Music, in the medieval village of Nettuno.

Program of the evening:
Fiori Trasteverini; Sincera Serenade; Bridge Serenade; The eco der core; Trasteverina serenade; Rome Forestiera; Always; Ancient Aritornelli; I know 'mbriacato; Passame er Sale; He says that nun is true; Stubborn; Who did it to me; Rome is not stupid tonight; The company of the Magnaccioni; Arivederci Rome; On An Evening Rome; Via Veneto; So much for 'singing'.

History of the musical and dancing format "Balcone in Musica":
For the past 5 years, the "Balcony in Music and Entertainment" festival has been held this year at the 5th edition. The idea originates from the "Balcony" - typical - inside Piazza Colonna del Borgo of the Medieval of Nettuno, a romantic and ancient scene that lends itself to become especially in the summer a small stage with musical performances and dancing in the square below .

Reference video, below:

The first appointment with Balcone in Musica, La Danza dell'Amicizia, was a great success, under the banner of the inclusion of disabled children through traditional dance, despite the rain saw the participation of more than a thousand people.
The musical event is promoted by the Umberto Porfiri Onlus Foundation of Nettuno. He received the support and it was possible to realize it thanks to many benefactors, a supportive chain of crowfunding (popular collection).
Special thanks also go to the American patrons Father Joe Orlandi & Robert Padula.
Sponsor: - Scandellari Pharmacy - Zero Miglia Restaurant - "El Colonial" Bar


August 16
22:00 - 23:30
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Associazione Culturale Shara Eventi D’Arte
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Borgo Medievale
Piazza Marcantonio Colonna
Nettuno , Roma 00048 Italia
Site web:

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Nettuno: great success

for the sixth edition of

“Balcone in musica e Spettacolo”